The Magic of Storytelling

The Magic of Storytelling
I have tried a lot of different educational tools but Storytelling is by far my favourite.

Indeed, storytelling is a great educational tool for quite many reasons.

First, stories are motivating and fun. Children love listening to different stories, take part in the story, relate to the characters, play out scenes and have fun with their friends. Secondly, stories offer meaningful contexts. I still remember reading my students the book “The Book tree” some years ago. According to the story, the Mayor destroys all the books in town and everybody becomes miserable. Actors cry as they don’t have scripts to perform, chefs cannot cook as they don’t have any cook books, teachers cannot teach without books so children are bored and sad.  Through the book students realized how important books really are in our lives!

Moreover, stories exercise the imagination! You travel to imaginary places, you meet animals that talk, you meet people with super powers, you find yourself in adventures! Stories offer a constant source of language experience. Vocabulary is learned fast and because it is in context kids tend to remember for ever!

Last but not least, stories develop the child’s concentrating and listening skills.

In BDschool we offer extra Storytelling sessions every first Saturday of the month.

Helen Dougekou, MA in Linguistics Essex University and certified as a Drama Teacher.